Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Breaking News: Activists Arrested at Chevron Shareholders' Meeting

At least five activists have been arrested at the Chevron annual shareholders' meeting in Houston, Texas. Activists and people from affected communities from across the US and countries such as Ecuador, Angola, Kazakhstan and Canada had traveled to Texas to make their voices heard. Despite the fact that they arrived holding valid proxy passes to attend the meeting, nearly the entire delegation was denied entry.

Several activists from the delegation were arrested for refusing to leave the entrance to Chevron's headquarters after being unfairly barred from the meeting. At least one activist who was able to attend the meeting was arrested when she was trying to make a statement, despite this being permitted of shareholders. Nearly all of the affected community members who had traveled great distances to state their cases to the Chevron board and shareholders were prohibited from attending.

We will post more information as we have it.

Photos and video of activists and arrests
Photos of the attendees from Ecuador and other countries

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