Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chevron to Indigenous Communities: “We’re not going to pay, we’re going to fight this for years if not decades into the future”

In yesterday’s Wall Street Journal Chevron made their most blatant claims yet to refusing to obey the rule of law in the nations that they operate. After a judicial campaign to influence decision makers to have the trial moved to Ecuador, Chevron is now claiming to being unfairly treated in Ecuadorian courts. These accusations, of course, only come as Chevron’s “crack team” of lawyers begin to preemptively resign to the fact that Chevron is going to be held to their $27 billion accountability in Ecuador.

When Chevron resorts to complaints of being “bullied” and “held hostage” you know they really are scraping the bottom of an oily barrel.

– Nick

Nick Magel is Communications Manager at Amazon Watch. Prior to joining Amazon Watch, Nick was Director of the Freedom From Oil campaign at Global Exchange. Nick’s critiques of the US oil addiction have run in The New York Times, USA Today, and San Francisco Chronicle. Previously, Nick had worked on campaigns to stop new liquefied natural gas infrastructure on the west coast and developed climate based curricula for classrooms across the country. He received his MA in education from Lesley University.

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  1. Chevron is not alone as one of many heartless multinational corps, but it is looking increasingly brainless, as well.
    Certainly that sin will be punished ..
    -if Chevron could suddenly grow some brains (if not some heart) it could notice the the time is exactly right to make a swift and decisive move away from rapacious pillage and toward justice, clean energy, and a future in which the grandchildren of everyone including all Chevron board members & investor will HAVE A LIFE, instead of some bare survival (if that) on a despoiled planet with total ecosystem collapse.
    Will Chevron continue to attempt to boost quarterly earnings at the probably cost of any kind of decent future for humanity ?