Monday, March 1, 2010

Chevron Evades Responsibility in Ecuador... And Helps Fugitive Employees Evade Justice

The Chevron Pit posted a new article that looks at the shady ways in which Chevron not only works to evade responsibility for its contamination in the Ecuadorian Amazon, but helps its employees to evade justice. There is a good explanation of the fraudulent testing methods Chevron has employed in a vain attempt to convince the courts that no contamination exists where in fact it is pervasive, toxic, and all-too-apparent to the communities living amidst the poison.

The article goes on to connect the dots from Chevron's fraudulent testing methods and "clean-up" in Ecuador to the bigger pattern of fraud and deceit employed by the company, including coaching former contractors and felons in sting operations against a judge in order to disrupt the trial of a case in which they face a $27 billion liability. Read the entire piece here.

– Han

Born and raised in Baltimore, Han Shan is a human rights and environmental justice campaigner living in New York City. He is an organizer with the Clean Up Ecuador campaign for Amazon Watch.

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