Wednesday, October 16, 2013

RICO Bombshell Further Erodes Credibility of Key Chevron Witness

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On the very second morning of the trial in Chevron's retaliatory RICO suit, one of the oil giant's star witnesses dropped a bombshell.

And the star witness – Chevron's own Ricardo Reis Vega, the company's vice president who oversaw its legal defense in the Ecuador case – dropped that bombshell on another of Chevron's star witnesses.

With the courtroom packed with people who mostly already knew about the incident, the major revelation drew little response except some frantic scribbling in notebooks and whispering in the dark-suited, shoulder-to-shoulder Chevron seating section.

For those of you who haven't been closely following the tortuous grind of this case, Reis Veiga's admission is substantial and eviscerates the credibility of the witness Chevron is relying on to support its most explosive – and ridiculous – allegations in the case.

Reis Vega was asked if he had personal knowledge that in 2009, the disgraced former judge in the case in Ecuador, Alberto Guerra, approached Chevron, promising to "fix the case."

Reis Vega replied, simply, "Yes, I do."

Chevron is promising that Judge Guerra – who the company admits offered to "fix the case", will be its star witness in Chevron's trial. He is expected to say that the Ecuadorian plaintiffs' legal team offered to bribe judges, an outrageous claim they vigorously deny. Judge Guerra has in fact been paid more than $325,000 by Chevron, in some cases by lawyers toting suitcases in cash. Who is bribing whom?

While this all sounds hyperbolic, unfortunately it is not, and it will be corroborated soon enough in court.

Read this Motion for Terminating Sanctions filed last month for more information on Guerra's total lack of credibility.

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