Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Canadian Face of the Biggest Lawsuit in the World

Reposted from the Chevron Pit.

The Chevron Pit spoke with Jeff Gray of Toronto's Globe & Mail yesterday about the Ecuadorians' new lawyer, Alan Lenczner. Gray wanted to know why Lenczner decided to take our case.

We told him: "Because he knows he will win, and Chevron will lose."

After an indepth review of the Ecuador and U.S. court record on the case and a trip to Ecuador to view the contamination, Lenczner joined the legal team.

"It (seeing the contamination) influenced my decision a lot. I just saw the devastation ... and I've seen the plight of these people," he said. "... Forget the noise about lawsuits and distraction and internal memos and everything else, the fact remains that this is a mess."

Read the story here.

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