Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Video-Message from Ecuador to New Chevron CEO

"We don't want to continue dying from cancer."

This is the message that Emergildo Criollo, leader of the indigenous Cofan tribe in Ecuador's Amazon region, is sending to John Watson, the new CEO of Chevron, in a new video.

Just days into Mr. Watson's tenure as Chairman and CEO of California-based Chevron Corporation, the affected communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon have recorded a heartfelt video message, in which they appeal directly to Watson to visit Ecuador, and address the oil company's toxic legacy.

The powerful video message accompanies the launch of a global petition driven by Amazon Watch's Clean Up Ecuador Campaign. The petition supports the communities' demands for clean-up of the contamination, compensation for health and environmental impacts, and access to health care and potable water for the affected people. Please add your name to the petition here:

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  1. Let's go Chevron....clean up the contamination, compensate these people for health and environmental impact. Provide health care and portable water. Do the honorable thing...forget about profits, people, all people are more important.